About Me

My story


A professional storyteller teacher working in Nottingham, Sheffield and throughout the East Midlands,  South Yorkshire and beyond...

I love stories: 

telling them, creating them, playing with them.  

I have worked with children and adults in a wide variety of contexts.

I am a trained storyteller and have been using stories in my work and leisure for many years.  I am now beginning a new journey telling stories as my profession.

I am a qualified teacher 

and have taught in EYFS 

and Key Stages 1 & 2.  I am also a regular broadcaster 

on BBC Radio Nottingham's 

Thought for the Day, and a Church of England priest. 

Stories in schools


Nothing hooks a child's attention, fires their enthusiasm and inspires their imagination like a story.

Check out my schools page to see how my skills can match your curriculum needs to create a very special educational experience.

Then get in touch to discuss a programme tailored to your needs.

Not just for the classroom...


Adults and children will always respond to a well-chosen and well-told story, no matter what the context.  For example, I have recently been working for the National Trust and for local Day Centres.

Libraries, galleries, outdoor events, after-dinner speaking, parties... surprise me!  And then let me surprise you with a few tales especially selected for your audience.

Just use my contact details below to begin a conversation about what will work for you.